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Decoding Twitch Exclusivity changes in 2022 for Twitch Partners, Affiliates! [Top 8 FAQs answered]

With the recent Twitch exclusivity changes, there is a lot that has changed for a Twitch streamer to grow in the streaming community. The Twitch Exclusivity clause changes introduced in September 2022, apply to Twitch affiliates, partners, and beginners who are starting out. The article below lists all FAQs related to this recent change. So … Read more

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How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch, YouTube, and Discord! The Ultimate Guide Using a Capture Card

Let’s see, you have got your Nintendo Switch and are now eager to stream your favorite game to your friends or to your audience. Well, you’ve come to the right place! While many consoles now come with in-built streaming capabilities, unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not have a streaming feature. But with the help of a … Read more