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Welcome to www.turbostreamer.com.

Hi! I am Arindam, a streaming enthusiast, and a fellow gamer. Started gaming 15 years ago when I was a kid, went pro when I was in college, and haven’t been found far away from a game ever since.

I started my own gaming stream back when I was in college 12 years ago, over a local LAN network playing CS 1.6. People in college would join in every night to spectate our 5 v 5 matches. The revolution that has happened since then in the world of streaming is crazy! The scene is so wide now, everyone is just a click away from finding a fellow gamer playing miles away.

Games take us to a different world. And Streaming, well, it allows us to be a part of the different worlds we are all building as gamers. And so was born www.turbostreamer.com, a place where I share ways to turbocharge your stream to reach out to more and more people to show the worlds you’re building.

Are you a new streamer looking for a place to start? Check out this guide: https://www.turbostreamer.com/100-fun-stream-ideas-to-turbocharge-your-stream/

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