100 Fun Stream Ideas to Turbocharge your Stream

If you’re just starting to stream, wrecking your brain about some fun stream ideas to turbocharge your stream, well, GOOD NEWS! You’ve come to the right place.

Streaming is here to stay. In a big way. 

2023 was a big year for live streaming, with an explosion of growth across platforms, both in terms of creators and consumers. Fast forward to today, the trend still is on the uprise.

Not convinced? Here’s some food for thought –

Twitch saw significant app downloads globally, with Brazil, the US, Russia, Egypt, and Mexico leading in app download numbers. 

It's expected that there will be 184 billion app downloads in 2024 for Twitch, indicating a growing digital audience worldwide​​.

Without a doubt, it’s the best time there can be to give Live Streaming a try!

SO! Are you thinking about –

How can you make your stream more fun?

Giving everything you do a creative spin will keep your viewers absolutely hooked and coming back every time you stream.

Think about it, your stream is all about you, your interests, and your personality. Asking your viewers to spare the time of their day is a huge ask, and the only reason they will do that is you! You will have them coming back if you have a fun personality. There are many streams out there competing for attention from viewers, even for a single game, but it is your personality that will differentiate you from them.

To bring out that personality in your stream, you will need some fun stream ideas to liven up your stream atmosphere.

In this ever-evolving landscape, the potential for unique and engaging content is boundless. Let’s dive into some fun and creative ideas for streaming that can captivate and entertain your audience.

Introduction to Streaming Entertainment

Streaming has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. With a focus on live interaction, it has opened avenues for creators to engage with their audience in real-time. Understanding the preferences of your audience is key to creating memorable and enjoyable content.

The Rise of Live Streaming

Live streaming has seen a meteoric rise, with platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Gaming becoming household names. The immediacy and interactivity of live streaming have made it a popular choice for content creators and viewers alike.

Understanding the Audience’s Preferences

Knowing what your audience enjoys is crucial. Tailoring your content to suit their interests while also bringing your unique flair can help in building a loyal viewer base.

What are some fun stream ideas that can make your content stand out?

Check out this guide I’ve put together with a list of more than 100 live fun stream ideas, and discover ways you can give a creative spin to your streaming content.

  1. Themed Gaming Marathons

Organize gaming marathons based on themes, such as retro games, indie games, or specific genres like horror or adventure. This not only adds variety but also caters to niche audiences.

A good example would be when Elden ring launched and streamers like Ludwig decided to stream the game till they finish it. It was excruciating for the streamer nevertheless highly entertaining for the viewers watching Ludwig fail and retry again and again. The marathon took almost 3 days to complete till then Ludwig was exhausted but gained a massive following on YouTube.

Ludwig Elden Ring speedrun marathon
  1. Read a lesser-known cool subreddit

Found a cool new subreddit? Why not cover it in your stream, and show everyone what they’re missing out on?

  1. Cook something unique that only you eat

Anything you cook that can be considered figuratively, “out of the box”? It may be a part of the culinary taste you’ve come to build and appreciate, or can be something you eat just to survive. Share it with your viewers!

Streamers like Rosanna Pansino have gained fame by baking and cooking while interacting with their audience, providing tips and answering questions in real-time.

  1. Make a Maslow’s hierarchy list of your favorite TV shows

Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs framework to explain which TV shows you’ve watched will fall on which stage.

Maslow's Hierarchy List - a Fun Stream Idea to show off your list of TV series
Maslow’s Hierarchy List
Fun Stream Idea to show off your list of TV series
  1. Talk about something that made you feel strongly recently

Have something good or bad that has happened recently to share? Try sharing it with your viewers to see how they feel.

  1. Make music out of a book, complete with EDM or rap beats

This should be a fun one! If you are a reader, take a passage from your recent book and make it into music.

  1. Play a game like “20 questions” with chat

Think up a personality and get your chat to guess it in the first 20 questions they ask. If your viewer community is made of people with similar interests, this will be fun to do!

  1. Make a caption contest for your viewers

Try this live – show a funny picture, or the latest meme you’ve worked on, and ask your viewers to create captions. Boom! Your next post for Reddit is ready.

  1. Do an unboxing of the latest package you’ve received

Can be the latest piece of your setup equipment, something for your home, or even food – do an impromptu fun unboxing. Invite your viewers to maybe even guess what’s inside the package.

  1. Make a list of upcoming games/music/tv-series/movies, give your opinion about them, and if you would try them out

Depending on your shared interests with your community, you can even map out your year’s upcoming stream ideas calendar with what you’d be covering in the coming few months and get their live feedback. A fun stream idea to also get some work done!

  1. Show a video that has lived rent-free in your head since forever

Have an old video that has been wiped from everyone’s memory you want to revive? There can’t be a better way than your live stream to bring it back to life.

  1. Cover memorable moments or learnings from a show you watched recently

Watched something interesting lately? Share it with your viewers! It can be interesting to cover a few key moments or learnings that you took away after watching the show.

  1. Design your merch on the stream

The best part about this idea? You can take feedback from your viewers to come up with the perfect design. If viewers like what they see, you will get some buyers as well by the end of the stream. Win-win!

  1. Take a viewer’s VOD from a game and discuss it with your audience

This can be a good way to build a community and push each other.

  1. Discuss newfound interesting artists

Art is meant to be shared. Found a new painting/sketching/doodling/music artist while browsing Reddit? Share their piece with your viewers. Just be careful to ask for their permission, so it doesn’t get flagged as copyrighted.

  1. Attempt to draw a famous painting IRL or on photoshop yourself

Disclaimer: Do check for copyright issues.

  1. Tell a story about a unique tradition you have at home for Christmas or Holidays

Hint: The more unexpected the choice of holiday is, the better.

  1. Invite two viewers with you on voice chat and recite a self-written play by roles

See your play come to life with your own viewers! 

  1. Prepare a stream theme, including costume, makeup, etc. on stream and stream in it

This can be epic! You may have some ideas to rebrand yourself. Why not test it out in the stream?

  1. Make a list with hierarchy assigned to the worst games ever, and discuss

Yes! Nothing like two related fun stream ideas – check out idea number 20 and 21 and plan them together in your upcoming streams.

Make-up levels of hierarchy (like The Gods of the Worst Games of All Times, The King, Queen, Joker, etc.) and assign the worst games you’ve ever played to those levels. But get ready because you get to then…

  1. Play each and every game from the list of your worst games ever

You know, just to prove the point above.

  1. Play a game with a viewer and coach them through it

Not that you may be an expert, but this can be a good bonding and learning session.

  1. Play a game with some important settings changed

And experience all hell break loose.

  1. Play a bizarre dating sim game, like Monster Prom

Just to liven things up.

  1. Play DnD with other streamers or viewers

Nothing like a session of Dungeons and Dragons to get together a fun group!

Dungeons and Dragons Logo in Twitch
Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch
  1. Watch some of your old videos and critique them

These can be super old videos you shot in your childhood or even recent videos from when you started streaming or sharing recorded videos. Critique them to see how much you’ve changed and improved over time.

  1. Talk about an event that made you happy recently

Make others smile along with you by discussing a recent happy event.

  1. Be your own kind of love counselor

Give tips about love problems to your viewers, with a proper disclaimer.

  1. Learn to beatbox live on stream

Idea is to learn something new live with your viewers, and be vulnerable and awkward. Makes it even more fun!

  1. Have a favorite dish you order? 

Try the same dish from different restaurants and rate them

  1. Make a bucket list of the top 30 things you would like to do in life

Discuss with chat, and have them suggest other ideas.

  1. Browse around and comment on the websites you find on The Useless Web

Some really quirky websites that are hidden in corners of the web can be found here!

  1. Ask your viewers about their day

Discuss common events triggering other events in everyone’s lives

  1. Find out which Disney princess are you, or do other weird quizzes

Yes, bring back that era of weird internet quizzes everyone kept sharing on social media.

  1. Go through your list of games and call out the ones you’ve never played

Discuss with chat, and plan to play their favorite on the next stream.

  1. Discuss and set up points, donation rewards, and other ways to make your stream interesting

If you’re wracking your brain on how to set up points or rewards, why not make it a brainstorming exercise with your stream? Invite your viewers to share ideas on how you should set up your stream.

Featured image for How to give points on twitch
Give channel points on Twitch!
  1. Help your friend from the point above set up a streaming setup live

It can be a fun feature you do from time to time to follow their journey on your channel

  1. Talk about the hobbies you used to have when you were young

Rate yourself on them, and tell people if you still have some of those.

  1. Play a discovery game with Wikipedia

Go from one article to another only via hyperlinks, discover the labyrinth.

  1. Play this or that with your viewers

You can draw up a list of this or that questions to get to know your stream even better – like dog or cat? Or Twitch or YouTube? Looking for more inspiration? Here’s a list of this or that questions you can refer to.

  1. Talk about your top 10 books of all time

This idea would work best if you’re a book lover or want to create a reading habit! Start with a list of the top 10 if you’re a regular reader or even 1 book review per month will do if you’re trying to create a reading habit.

  1. If you had a chance to go back in time to change any one event in your life, where would you go and why? 

Discuss with your viewers and share experiences

  1. Share knowledge you’ve gained about something you are passionate of

Learned something new about a topic you already know tons about? Time to share it with your chat!

  1. Talk about an article or post you read recently that interested you

Found a think piece that quipped your interest recently? Share it with your chat as well!

  1. Let your viewers decide the theme of a stream, and then play along

This can be one of the most fun stream ideas of all! Let your viewers decide what your next stream or even a month of a stream could look like.

  1. Play a really old game everyone else has forgotten about

Games like Super Mario 64, Tetris, and Half-Life still quip viewer’s interest on Twitch. In fact, a game like Chess picked up quite recently and is all the rage right now. So, why not play your favorite retro games, and bring them back to trend!

  1. Go to Kickstarter and review different products

Kickstarter is a treasure trove of new ideas and possibilities. You could get on the website and review different projects and products in your next stream, and even fund a few while doing so!

  1. Discuss with chat the small things that made you all smile recently

Why not be Twitch’s own Upworthy? Idea is to talk about and maybe even show you a few small things that made you smile recently. This could be on the internet or IRL.

  1. Show the funniest photo of yours from childhood

Be a grandma doting on old photographs with your chat! Cuddle up to your funny childhood photographs and show them to your viewers as well. Bonus points if you can get a parent or your elder sibling to come and narrate the story behind them!

  1. Read some chat messages using weird and funny voices

Had a funny message exchange with a friend recently? Or not? It’s okay! You can always make a chat up between two different people, and read it out with different accents to your chat!

  1. Ask the chat what is their opinion on a trending topic

In the times we are living in, there’s something happening almost every other week. Events that not only affect our present, but even our future. So pick out a new topic every week, and discuss with your chat about the implications and solutions to those problems.

  1. Recite a poem you love

While you may have read the last touching poem, in school (or worse even, never), there’s no time better than now to pick out a book of poems. Recite a few to your stream in your best Shakespearen voice, and spark discussions around them.

  1. Watch your top clips of all time

Time to go back in your archives and watch through videos where you were at your best. Not one of the craziest fun stream ideas here, right?

  1. Play charades with the chat

You can never go wrong with Charades! It’s a fun interactive game to get the chat going. Will be even better if you can get a group of streamers to do it with you.

  1. Review your top favorite snacks ever

This one would require some equipment movement, but it’s always fun to stock up your pantry! Time to give your viewers into a sneak peak of what local snacks you eat and love. Rate them as well, so viewers from other countries can also come and enjoy the best ones when visiting!

  1. Make a quick tutorial about something you recently learned

If you’re a DIY kind of person, this stream idea will work perfect for you! Do a master class on whatever skill you’ve learnt recently. Doesn’t matter if it’s a software or a hardware, it’s always fun to learn something new!

  1. Co-stream with your non-streamer friend

If your friend is also interested to start streaming, give them tips to make it in streaming.

  1. Play the first game you ever played in your childhood

Time to go way back in time to play the first game you ever played. This would require you to do some extra time setting up the stream. But in the end, to relive your earliest memories will make it all worth it!

  1. Show off your favorite Pokemons

If your chat is into gaming, chances are they would be into Pokemon as well. Time to show off your favorite Pokemons, describing their strengths and weaknesses and discussing it with your stream. Try to make it relatable for all!

  1. Do a live AMA

An AMA stream is always fun, as it can give your viewers a chance to get to know you more closely.

  1. Play an online board game, like Dixit with viewers

While board games can be a common house party feature, it can be an interesting idea to play it with your stream. You can divide your viewers into groups and play a board game live online. Like a house party, but on stream!

  1. Go back on your trips with Google Streetview and talk about your experiences there with your viewers

This can be a fun thing to do, especially if you’ve been to a holiday recently. Roam around the place again with your chat, and walk them through your itinerary. Like the beautiful Calanques in Marseille. Fun!

  1. Try making music live with melody, lyrics, etc.

If you can make a musical chord or two come alive, try making music live with your chat. This would definitely be fun!

Lindsey Stirling‘s live-streamed concerts exemplify how musicians can creatively adapt to the digital space.

  1. Talk about an interesting conversation you had with a friend recently

Have an interesting friend? It would be fun to make a series of streams that just are filled with quips by him. Like a weekly newspaper column, but on stream!

  1. Make a hierarchy list of pets you would like to have

This can be a fun exercise to do if you are planning to adopt a pet soon. You could discuss with your stream and adopt an animal of their choice. This way they would come back to watch them again and again!

  1. Learn a new character/role

Acting in your blood? Try learning a new character/role on your stream. If it’s a part of the game you usually stream, even better!

  1. Tell a story about your favorite teacher or professor from school or college

People love stories about other people. And a story of your favorite teacher is no different. You could talk about why and how they became your favorite teacher, and relive school or college memories.

  1. Learn a lesser-known new language on Duolingo

Or even a known new language! This could be a great learning exercise you do with your stream. And you never know, you could even be joined by a native speaker on stream!

  1. Interview other streamers about a new trend in your shared areas of interest

Your stream is a great place to connect not only with your audience, but also with other streamers. This is a win-win, as not only would you build up your network, but also would be able to exchange and gain more audience.

  1. Give a radical opinion about a recent Internet drama

Who doesn’t love an internet drama about a streamer, or even a company, like the Streamlabs controversery. Go ahead and spill the beans you got!

  1. Play an impromptu 1v1 against a viewer or a friend you can call on the spot

Done impromptu, this could be one of the most fun stream ideas!

  1. Review some new memes on Reddit and rate them

Celebrate a meme day on Reddit!

  1. Show some cool new skins you’ve built in a game

Let your creativity shine through!

  1. Play an online party game, like Pictionary on https://skribbl.io/ with your viewers

Have a fun stream with an online party game with your stream.

  1. Highlight a cool new streamer you’ve found, and help them get on the circuit

To get a break into streaming takes a lot of effort. Since you would have been around for some time, why not help a beginner out!

  1. Have a Q&A session on a trending topic

Think of this as a news stream, with a structured discussion with Q&A. You could do your research in advance, and help everyone gain an all-round perspective on the topic.

  1. Discuss with the audience who or what inspired you to start streaming and why

Throw light on your journey to become a streamer, and connect even more deeply with your viewers!

  1. Tell a funny story from when you started streaming

Everyone has a funny story when they just start streaming. Share with your viewers, so they can relate with you even more.

  1. Play “Two truths and a lie” with the audience and get to know them

This can be a great ice-breaker to get to know your audience.

  1. Get one viewer on your stream or on voice chat and chat with them

Another way to get to know your chat better!

  1. If you have mods on your channel, talk about how each of them got their role

Shine the light on people who make you move like clock work.

  1. Develop a fun website like this one live on your stream

If you’re a website developer, this can be one of the most fun stream ideas.

  1. Tell a story about something that felt like a personal failure at the time, but taught you some valuable lessons

Every event in life teaches you valuable lessons, including any failures. Be vulnerable and share those events with your chat. Your viewers may be able to relate and learn something from your experience.

  1. Make predictions for the next upcoming game releases and review them while playing the game when the time comes

See if your predictions come alive!

  1. Play a timed jigsaw puzzle game

Pick a big one, and let your chat guide you through solving it.

  1. Give yourself a new and unique hairstyle live while streaming

This could make a totally fun makeover stream!

  1. Discuss about your ambitions at different ages when you were growing up, and if you’re doing something in-line with those ambitions

We all had some weird ambitions while growing up. Share how your journey evolved you to reach where you are today!

  1. Try out something new on Experiments from Google like painting with music

Experiments from Google is a cool place to discover new Twitch stream ideas, or YouTube stream ideas. So go ahead and play around the website on your live stream.

  1. Dress up your browser live with your own or a unique theme and artwork you found online

It could even be a complete redesign of your PC theme! Inspire others to revamp their setup too.

  1. Tell a story about a time you visited a theme park and what you liked about it

It could even be with the same themed setup you do that day. Fun!

  1. Show photos of your costumes from past Halloweens and tell stories about them

A spooky night with stories and photos from your past Halloweens? Bring it on!

  1. Show how you designed your streaming setup and tutor others through it

People love to have a behind the scenes view, so this can be a great way to show just that!

  1. Talk about the first crush you had in school

Who doesn’t love a love story? Even if it was a one-sided crush, you can always share the story of how you first experienced love.

  1. Make a funny sound for every time you hit a milestone on your stream, like for every hour that passes, every time someone subscribes, etc.

This can become a permanent feature in your stream, with all other live stream content ideas you have!

  1. Make a list of the best and worst dishes you’ve tasted ever and discuss

Food connects us all. So while someone may be sitting miles away from you, they can always relate to the food you’re having. Try this idea out in one of your stream, while eating that dish live. Make it even more fun!

  1. Talk about your creative process, how you come up with ideas, and discuss with the chat their sources of inspiration

In this creative field of streaming, you always have to be coming up with new live stream ideas and seeking sources of inspiration. Your chat can be a great means to do that. The collective energy of the stream can thus increase, taking your stream to the next level!

  1. Funny photoshop a photo on the spot that can be sent by a viewer

Love photoshop? Do a session live taking funny photoshop requests from your stream!

  1. Tell your all-time top 5 stories about your best friend

Your stream is not just about you, it’s even about people you love! Do a tribute stream for your best friend by talking about your all-time top 5 stories with them. If you can invite them to your stream, even better!

  1. Share expertise on an absurd topic your viewers might not even have heard about

Have some weird interests? Share them with your chat, and you can build an army of your own!

  1. Start a themed day of the week where you show or review things and dress up, etc. all related to the theme

People love continuity and relate better to a stream that is structured. So go ahead and do a themed day of the week! Keep everyone coming back again to that familiar environment you build.

To Conclude

With the abundance of information around, an average human attention span is narrowing fast. Within the tiny time frame you have when you come in contact with a potential viewer, you have to get their attention and keep them hooked. The only way to do that is to be unique and fun.

There is no hidden secret, you just have to do you, in a creative way. Use these fun stream ideas to boost up your content, today!

Looking for more inspiration? Time to go binge on the top 13 IRL stream ideas! Happy streaming!

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