Can you stream Anime on Twitch? TOP 4 easy ways to stream Anime on Twitch

Anime is everywhere. Both IRL and online.

The popularity of anime has only increased, with many famous anime titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, Death Note, One Punch Man picking up even more steam in recent times.

Anime is no longer a niche, rather it’s pop culture. So there is no doubt, anime can be a great way to connect with your community.

In this article, we explore can you stream anime on Twitch, how to stream anime on Twitch, and reasons related to why is anime so popular.

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Can you stream anime on Twitch?

If you don’t own the content or have a license from its owners to stream it to others, then you can’t stream anime on Twitch. But you can stream anime in 4 easy and safe ways, simply streaming yourself watching anime with an on-screen timer, using Twitch Watch Parties, using Tenami, or doing a stock video-filled reaction video.

Muted audio on copyrighted content on Twitch
Muted audio on copyrighted content on Twitch

If you’re streaming anime without a license, DMCA strike on Twitch can come into effect.

The anime studio can send Twitch a takedown notification. Twitch usually acts immediately on such complaints, by sending a notice to the account holder and disabling the content either on VODs or during the live stream. On receiving 3 such notifications, Twitch can even decide to terminate your account.

But there are simple workarounds to this, which we will explore in the following section.

How to stream anime on Twitch?

Essentially, there are 4 ways how to stream anime on Twitch without worrying about copyright strikes.

How to stream anime on Twitch
How to stream anime on Twitch

1. How to stream anime on Twitch watching anime with an on-screen timer

Instead of streaming the original content, you can stream yourself while watching anime and show a timer on the screen to indicate where you are on the video, so others can follow along. Just keep in mind you’re not showing or using the audio of the original content on your stream in any way.

Dos and don’ts of on-screen timer method:

  • Announce the stream in advance and broadcast it on different social channels, so people know and come prepared
  • Sync your timer with the anime timer, so whenever you pause your watch for engaging with the stream, the timer pauses to
  • Keep your expressive mode on while watching the anime, discuss what’s happening in the anime with your chat
  • Do not show any of the anime itself and keep its audio output on mute on the stream

2. How to stream anime on Twitch using Tenami

You can also use Tenami to stream anime, a tool that lets you watch content along with your viewers on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and YouTube.

Using Tenami, you can watch whatever you want automatically in sync with your viewers, without getting copyright strikes. Just keep in mind, your viewers would have to be on Tenami as well to watch the content.

Using Tenami to stream anime on Twitch
How to stream anime on Twitch – using Tenami

You can follow this setup guide on the Tenami website to get started with your first watch party.

Dos and don’ts of Tenami method:

  • Make sure your headphones or speakers can’t be heard on stream through your mic
  • You should set up your OBS in a way that you can hear Tenami, but your OBS cannot
  • Prepare your viewers in advance for this stream, so they have Tenami set up on their system already
  • For new viewers on your stream, create a Join command with the link to the watch party

3. How to stream anime on Twitch with Twitch watch parties

Another way to stream anime is Twitch watch parties. With watch parties, you can watch, react, and discuss any content with your audience that is available on Amazon Prime with Prime membership.

Check this out: How to Setup watch parties on twitch

The downside is that you can only stream anime that is available on Amazon Prime. This makes this option less viable as there aren’t many available on it. Some of the major ones that are available include Vinland Saga, Saekano, Evangelion movies, etc.

4. How to stream anime on Twitch by creating reactions videos

Another way is making reaction videos explaining the plot of an anime, talking about the characters, exploring plot holes, etc.

Dos and don’ts of reaction video method:

  • Make sure to not show any of the original anime audio or video
  • You can use stock videos or photos for visual cues if needed
  • Add a little bit of spice with your own unique take by doing some commentary and making viewers excited

Top FAQs – things to keep in mind when you stream anime on Twitch

It is not legal to stream anime on Twitch, especially original content if you don’t have the license to do so from the anime studio. There are ways to do this legally with an on-screen timer, Tenami, watch parties, or reaction videos.

Anime studios have started coming at streamers and YouTubers with copyright claims more than ever before, as even stated in this article from Comicbook.

There is a recent case of Mark Fitzpatrick, also known as Totally Not Mark on YouTube, who lost 150 videos after claims were made by Toei, the studio behind Dragon Ball. As you can imagine, fans were rightfully upset. The reason is the strict copyrights laws of Japan. He recently won the copyright strike war and also allowed for more lenient usage of videos in countries with stronger fair use allowances.

Twitch is very strict when it comes to matters regarding copyright claims. You can check the DMCA guidelines by Twitch on their website.

Moreover, if you upload parts of your stream on YouTube with copyrighted content, it could lead to the said videos or even your channel getting banned.

2. Can you stream Crunchyroll on Twitch?

No, without a license from Crunchyroll, you can’t stream Crunchyroll on Twitch. You can however watch it with your Twitch chat if you and your viewers are on Tenami. Your viewers can watch the content with you on Tenami as Crunchyroll guests. Only the newest weekly episodes require a premium account for which your viewers will need a Crunchyroll premium account to watch it with you.

Some of the popular anime streaming sites include Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Funimation, etc. Most of them require a membership to watch.

A quick checklist to keep in mind when you stream anime on Twitch

Below are a few things to keep in mind as you stream anime on Twitch:

  1. Let your viewers know in advance about the stream, so everyone knows how to watch the anime with you
  2. Check audio settings before the stream starts, so as to avoid any part of copyrighted content making its way to the stream
  3. For your stream highlights video, plan another video with curated commentary and stock footage for visual imagery if needed

Anime’s popularity stems from the fact that this genre opens a whole new world with something for everyone. Every person enjoys a different story, genre, and art style. With anime, you find your own tribe of people who enjoy content similar to your likes.

The culture of anime is so prevalent, there’s even a Japanese word for people who like anime, Otaku. In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is mostly equivalent to “geek” or “nerd”.

Here are a few reasons related to why is anime so popular:

  1. The relatable characters and story arches: The strong characters with relatable personalities and story arches that evolve with you
  2. Art style and animation: The beautiful animation and art style of anime is what keeps you hooked on to watching more
  3. The internet culture: For anime to become mainstream, one of the major factors at play was the social media chatter on the topic. With every new anime season, conversations and discussions increase, that brings in more people to the fold
  4. Better accessibility: Like all other content forms, increased accessibility to anime has made it so popular among major masses now
  5. Dubbed content: With more money coming into this industry, many anime could be dubbed with other international languages, making it more famous

In closing

Anime can be a great way to connect with your community. You can use the anime viewing stream to create inside jokes and discussions.

This can be a good break from your gaming content, and a fun stream to set up and run.

Hope these ways help you set up your next anime stream!

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