Decoding Twitch Exclusivity changes in 2022 for Twitch Partners, Affiliates! [Top 8 FAQs answered]

With the recent Twitch exclusivity changes, there is a lot that has changed for a Twitch streamer to grow in the streaming community.

The Twitch Exclusivity clause changes introduced in September 2022, apply to Twitch affiliates, partners, and beginners who are starting out. The article below lists all FAQs related to this recent change. So read on to see how this change affects you.

1. What are the latest Twitch exclusivity clause changes?

The major change introduced to the Twitch exclusivity clause is how Twitch partners can also now stream on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Twitch streamers, whether partners, affiliates, or beginners are now free to explore other platforms to further build their community.

However, even though Twitch has lifted the exclusivity rule of streaming only on their own platform, multistreaming is still not allowed.

2. What is the Twitch exclusivity clause?

The Twitch exclusivity clause in your agreement with Twitch is about streaming to other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. when you become a Twitch affiliate or a partner.

The Twitch exclusivity clause put certain live streaming restrictions based on your contract terms. Earlier, Twitch Partners were not allowed to live stream on other live streaming platforms and were restricted to live stream only on Twitch.

This prompted many prominent streamers like Ludwig, Sykkuno, Dr. DisRespect, and TimtheTatman to move over to YouTube after their contract ended with Twitch. Once you end your contract with Twitch, you will no longer be able to stream on Twitch and barred from the Twitch community.

Recently in Sep 2022, Twitch relaxed its exclusivity terms for partners. Now streamers can live stream to other platforms like YouTube and Facebook while keeping their Twitch channel active.

Partners still cannot do a multistream, or live stream on different platforms at the same time. But they can end their Twitch stream and immediately begin another over a different platform.

The multistreaming restriction on Twitch is only for long-form live streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Multistreaming on short form mobile-friendly platforms like TikTok and Instagram Live is still allowed.

The Twitch exclusivity change mentioned above is applicable for both Twitch partners and affiliates.

2. Can Twitch affiliates stream on YouTube?

Yes, Twitch Affiliates can stream on YouTube as well, as long as it’s not a concurrent stream.

Twitch clearly states in the Affiliate agreement that an affiliate streamer can stream to YouTube as long as he/she is not multi-streaming or streaming the same content at the same time to both Twitch and YouTube.

Can Twitch affiliates stream on YouTube? Twitch Exclusivity Clause snip from Twitch website
Can Twitch affiliates stream on YouTube?

That means you can start your live stream on YouTube immediately after streaming on Twitch.

3. Can Twitch partners stream on YouTube?

Yes, Twitch partners can now also stream on YouTube based on the Twitch exclusivity clause change in Sep 2022.

With this recent change, as a Twitch partner, you can end your stream on Twitch and start streaming on YouTube. However, multistreaming on Twitch and YouTube is still not an option.

Twitch Partner agreement clause
Can Twitch partners stream on YouTube?

Your live stream will be exclusive to Twitch and you can only upload your VoDs to YouTube 24 hours after the end of the live stream on Twitch.

4. Can you stream on Twitch and YouTube at the same time?

You can stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time if you are not a Twitch partner or an affiliate.

But, if you are a Twitch partner or an affiliate, you will not able to multicast/ simulcast/ stream on two platforms at the same time.

5. Does Twitch allow multistreaming?

Twitch allows multistreaming only to streamers who do not have a contract with Twitch. That means if you are a Twitch Partner or an Affiliate, you cannot multistream.

Recently on 9 Sep 2022, Tyler Blevin aka “Ninja” dropped his partner contract with Twitch and said would be streaming to 6 platforms at the same time. He would be multistreaming to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ninja Twitter feed stating him multistreaming
Does Twitch allow multistreaming: Ninja’s Tweet

Ninja may not get a regular paycheck from Twitch anymore. But since a major game publisher like EA is paying him a million dollars to play their game Apex legends, he can afford to opt out of the Twitch contract and focus on building his audience on all platforms.

6. Can you stream on Twitch and TikTok at the same time?

Yes, any streamer can stream to any short-form mobile services platform like TikTok along with Twitch at the same time. This includes both Twitch partners and affiliates as well.

Can you stream on Twitch and TikTok at the same time Twitch Exclusivity Clause change snip
Can you stream on Twitch and TikTok at the same time?

Twitch says that it allows the streamer to grow their community on Twitch, hence streaming simultaneously on TikTok along with Twitch is allowed.

7. Can you stream on Twitch and Instagram Live at the same time?

Yes, you can stream on Twitch and Instagram at the same time.

Multicast/ simulcast to short-form content platforms, like Instagram Live and TikTok is allowed for everybody including Twitch partners and affiliates.

8. Do Twitch affiliates have exclusivity?

Twitch affiliates do not have an exclusivity clause.

As a Twitch affiliate, you are allowed to stream on different platforms, but multi-streaming on different platforms is not allowed.

The rules are similar to the Partner Twitch exclusivity clause now, where an affiliate is allowed to multistream on TikTok and Instagram live, but not to YouTube and Facebook.