What is a Stream Marker on Twitch? [+ 5 Easy Ways to Use them]

Looking to find the exact moment in your 3-hour long stream when you hit that perfect headshot? Finding moments afterward in your long stream can become a tedious process.

Sometimes it can take hours to scrape the entire video again to find the moment that you were looking for. If you have an editor who re-uses your stream to create clips, he might miss the best parts as he might not have context.

What if you can put a marker on your timeline while you are streaming. Stream marker helps you do that. Let’s look at what is a stream marker on Twitch and how to use it!.

What is a stream marker on Twitch?

Stream markers allow you or your editors to add a timestamp to your broadcast while you are live streaming. You can come back later to your VODs when you finish streaming to create small clips or highlights using the stream markers as reference.

These stream markers help you to find those key moments which you think can later be shared as cool highlights from your stream. Stream markers are extremely helpful in saving time and growing your channel. It makes it easy to find and share your best clips with the world.

image showing stream marker with Description
Stream marker with description

Use a stream marker just before or after the moment has passed while streaming. You can use various commands or buttons to mark these moments while streaming.

So anytime you think you are going or have gone through a key moment, you can quickly put a stream marker so that you can come back later to the exact spot in your stream.

Let’s look at how to find Twitch Stream markers on Twitch.

How to find stream markers on Twitch?

You can find the Stream Marker from your Quick Actions menu in your Twitch Dashboard.

Follow the below steps to find the Twitch Stream markers.

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account from your browser
  2. Go to the “Creator Dashboard” under the profile avatar icon
image showing where to find the creator dashboard in Twitch
Click on Creator Dashboard under the profile image
  1. Go to “Stream Manager” under the hamburger menu
  2. Click the “ + “ icon in the Quick Actions menu
image showing plus icon to open the quick action menu
Click + to open the Quick Actions menu
  1. Find “Add Stream Marker” and “Add Stream Marker with Description” and add it to the Quick Action menu
    • Add Stream Marker – When clicked, it would place a marker in your Twitch stream at the time interval
    • Add Stream Marker with Description – When clicked, it will place a marker and give you an option to describe the moment
image showing where to find stream markers in Quick action menu
Add Stream markers from Quick Actions
  1. Once you add them, these would be greyed out in your quick action menu. It will become normal when you start your live stream.
  2. Click them during your live stream to use.

Before you start adding Twitch stream markers in your live stream. You need to turn on the “Always Publish VoDs” checkbox in your settings. Not doing so would give you an error when you click stream markers.

You can find them under Creator Dashboard → Settings → Stream → Vod Settings → Store Past Broadcast→ Always Publish VoDs.

image showing where to find VOD settings in Creators Dashboard
Turn on Always Publish VODs

Now let us see how to use stream markers on Twitch in the next section.

How to use stream markers on Twitch?

You can use stream markers on Twitch by pressing the Twitch Marker button from your quick action menu.

There are many ways how to use stream markers on Twitch while live streaming

  1. Pressing the Twitch stream marker from your quick action menu
  2. Using Twitch stream marker HotKey
  3. Using Twitch stream marker commands from the chat window
  4. Using Nightbot commands for stream marker
  5. Assigning a button in the Stream deck for stream marker

Let’s look at these methods of using the Twitch stream markers in detail.

1. Pressing the Twitch stream marker from your quick action menu

You can add a stream marker to your live stream by following the below methods.

  • Make sure you are live while accessing the Twitch stream markers
  • Go to your creator dashboard
  • Open Stream Manager from the hamburger menu
  • Your Stream preview would be showing your live stream in the middle
  • From the Quick Action menu, press “Add Stream Marker” or “Add Stream Marker with Description”
image showing markers in the Twitch dashboard Stream manager
Click to add stream markers from the Twitch dashboard

2. Using Twitch stream marker HotKey

By default, Twitch has keys assigned for Stream markers. You can directly press Cntr + B for windows or ⌘ + b for mac.

Make sure that the Quick action panel in your Stream manager is in focus otherwise, the command shortcuts will not work.

3. Using Twitch stream marker commands from the chat window

You or your editor can use the Twitch stream markers from the chat window to add a marker by using the command /marker

image of marker command in chat
Type /marker in chat

You can also add a description at the end to specify what the marker is meant for. Just add a description line at the end of the command like /marker double kill

image showing different marker confirmation message in chat
Stream marker message in chat

The description is however limited to 140 characters and you would get a “Visible-only-to-you” message once you successfully create the marker.

4. Using Nightbot commands for stream marker

If you are using Nightbot or planning to use it as a chatbot for moderating your Twitch chat. You can use it to place stream markers as well.

  • Go to nightbot.tv and log in to it using your Twitch account.
  • Make sure to authorize Nightbot to use your Twitch account.
  • Head over to the Nightbot dashboard and click on Join Channel. “Join Channel” would allow Nightbot to join your Twitch channel.
image showing where to find join channel in Nightbot
Join Channel in Nightbot
  • If you see “Part Channel”, then it is already added to your channel and no action is needed.
image showing Part channel in Nightbot dashboard
Part Channel in Nightbot dashboard
  • Go to the Nightbot Dashboard -> Commands -> Default commands to enable the stream marker command
image showing where to find default command in Nightbot
Default Commands in Nightbot
  • Check if the command !marker is enabled in the default command list. If not, then enable it
image showing how to enable markers in nightbot
Enable marker in Nightbot
  • Head over to your Twitch chat and type /mod nightbot , this would make Nightbot a moderator on your channel
  • To add a stream marker, you can type !marker or to add a description on your marker type the description in front of it like !marker triplekill
image showing nightbot commands in chat
Nightbot commands in chat

5. Assigning a button in Stream Deck for stream marker

You can also use the physical button in the Elgato stream deck to add a stream marker.

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Requirements: Elgato Stream Deck

Product image of Elgato Stream deck

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  • Open the Stream deck software preferences
image showing where to find preferences in Elgato streamdeck software
Stream deck preference
  • Add your Twitch account in the Accounts section, login to Twitch using your credentials
image showing how to add Twitch account
Add Twitch account in Stream deck software
  • Select “Create Stream Marker” from the Twitch panel on the right side of the Stream deck software
  • Assign the “Create Stream Marker” action to a button on the layout
image showing how to place stream marker key in Elgato stream deck
Place Stream marker key in Elgato Stream deck
  • Hit the assigned button on your Elgato Stream deck whenever you want to place a stream marker during your live stream

How to use Twitch Stream markers to create highlights and clips?

Once you have used the Twitch stream markers to mark the moments which you want to use later in your clips. You can go to the “Video Producer” section in your Twitch Dashboard to create highlights and clips.

Refer to the below method to make a highlight from your Stream markers.

  1. Go to your Twitch Dashboard
  2. Access the “Content” section in the hamburger menu
  3. Click on “Video Producer” under the “Content” section
  4. You will see all your Twitch stream videos produced in the past
  5. Go to the desired video and click the “Highlight” option
image showing where to find past broadcast and highlight button
Click the Highlight button in past broadcast
  1. You will see your marker in yellow in the Timeline section
  2. Click on the timeline 10-20 sec prior to the marker, from when you want your highlight to start
  3. Hit the “Start segment at the playhead” button, else you can also manually drag the yellow highlighted section to start where you want the beginning of the video
image showing the start segment button while creating highlight
Click on Start segment at the playhead
  1. Now click on the timeline 10-20 sec after the marker, when you want your highlight to end
  2. Hit the “End segment at the playhead” button or you can also manually drag the highlighted section to create the highlight
image showing the end segment button while creating highlight
Click on End segment at the playhead
  1. Check the highlight by playing the stream, it will only play the highlighted segment
  2. Enter the title of the highlight and publish the clip
image showing how to publish highlights
Publish highlight created

Note: Downloading the VOD will not include the markers you placed on the stream. You can only view them in your Highlighter window.

Twitch stream markers not working?

Many beginner streamers might face an error like “Something went wrong. Try running that quick action again later.

Ensure the “Always Publish VoDs” checkbox is turned on in the settings. Follow the steps below to find the option to turn it on.

  1. Go to your Creator Dashboard in Twitch.tv
  2. Find Settings under the hamburger menu
  3. Click the Stream section under Settings
  4. Find VoD settings and turn on the “Store Past Broadcasts” option
  5. Turn on the “Always Publish VODs” in the section.
image showing where to find VOD settings in Creators Dashboard
Turn on Always Publish VODs

If the error still persists, clear the cache in your browser or try using a different browser.

How to add Twitch Stream markers in OBS?

You can add the Stream marker in OBS by adding a dock of the Twitch Quick Action Menu and accessing the Stream marker from there.

Here is how you can add Twitch Stream marker in OBS.

  1. Go to your Creator Dashboard in Twitch.tv
  2. Find the Quick action menu in Stream Manager
  3. Click on the triple dots, to find the Pop-out option
image showing pop up menu for Quick action
Click Pop-out in Quick Actions
  1. Copy the Quick Actions pop-out URL
image showing where to find Quick action pop out url
Quick Actions pop-out URL
  1. Open OBS and go to the Docks menu at the top
  2. Click on Custom browser docks
image showing where to find Custom browser dock in OBS
Click on Custom Browser Docks under Docks menu in OBS
  1. Enter the name of the dock as “Quick action Menu”
  2. Paste the copied Quick Action pop-out URL in the URL section
image showing where to enter url for Quick actions custom docks
Paste URL in custom docks
  1. Click on Close then apply, you may have to login into Twitch with your account.
  2. Voila, now you can access the Stream marker directly from OBS
image showing Quick actions custom docks in OBS
Place Quick action custom dock in OBS

Ending Note

Twitch stream markers help you and your team to expedite your content creation process. It is a handy feature that you should use or learn to use in the future. The Twitch stream markers would definitely boost your streaming career and make your life easier.

Cheers and Happy streaming!!