18 Cool Just Chatting Stream Ideas to Turbocharge your Stream

Just Chatting category is truly the G.O.A.T. stream category on Twitch right now.

A quick glance at Just Chatting stats on TwitchTracker will tell you exactly why.

For one, it is the highest watched category/game on Twitch right now.

Just Chatting Top Category Twitch
Just Chatting is the top category on Twitch. Source: TwitchTracker

Second, it’s a category that connects gamers and non-gamers, and beginners and partners alike on Twitch, with the number of viewers at any point in time exceeding the number of streamers.

Number of Viewers vs Streamers
The number of viewers is greater than the number of Streamers in the Just Chatting category. Source: TwitchTracker

So, ready to jump aboard and looking for Just Chatting stream ideas to turbocharge your stream?

Here’s a list of 18 cool and unique ideas to get you started!

Let’s dive right in.

18 Cool (and Unique) Just Chatting Stream Ideas to Turbocharge your Stream

1. Give your Just Chatting stream a theme

Think of your Just Chatting Stream as a talk show or a podcast, with live interaction with your viewers. People listen to a talk show because it has a theme or a topic of their interest area.

With an interesting themed Just Chatting Stream, you can potentially even create an entire channel. Don’t want to go all out? You can explore different themes for different days of the week as well.

Kitboga is an example of a Twitch streamer who has created an entire channel around the theme of outing scammers. The interactions and dialogue exchange is what make this stream interesting.

Some other popular Just Chatting stream themes include YLYL, or You Laugh You Lose, Anime Nights, etc.

Want to try your hands at something different?

???? Start a dream interpretation stream with a community of people who are into it. You can base it off Sigmund Freud’s, or Carl Jung’s theories to give them a base.


???? Interested in following the news around the world? Share a daily dose with other viewers every morning!

This would also coincide with the best time to stream on Twitch, especially if you’re looking at growing your subscribers from early viewers.

2. Showcase a skill you are good at (and become even better in the process)

Time to show what you’re good at to the world! A serious skill or even a hobby stream inspires people and puts them at ease to come and chat with you. It can be as simple as coloring, or puzzle solving, and as complex as creating animation or your new music track.

???? Learning a new instrument or a new language? You can learn it with others on your stream! Make the whole process fun by involving others with you. If your viewers are comfortable, you can even invite some of them to join you live through Discord Chat or Zoom.

The best part is that your favorite hobbies, like drawing, singing, dancing, or writing poetry (or even better, a short story!) can come into actual practice with this idea. You can hone your skills instead of letting them rust.

3. Show a day in the life of

Twitch has worldwide users, who are keen to see what’s happening in your hood. The concept is already tried and tested with the popular vlogging content form. This streaming idea is an extension of that concept to make it an engaging “in the life of” form of content.

Some tips:

  • Keep the day as interactive as possible. It would benefit your viewers to learn more about you and about a different way of life through you.
  • Limit any major appointments or commitments. If they are not avoidable, inform whoever you are meeting in advance about your stream.
  • Try turning your stream into a subathon with a 24-hour stream. Give your viewers a glimpse of an entire 24 hour day of your life.

With Ludwig‘s 31 days continuous stream, we did not just see a day of his life, but an entire month! He was able to gain a whopping 280,270 new subscribers by the end of the stream. This should give you an idea of how much people love this kind of content.

???? Stream about life in the place you’re living at. Take your viewers through a typical day(s) of yours, and along on trips around the area you live.

This can be a fun way of discovering new places yourself. Or even looking at the same old places with a fresh perspective through the eyes of your viewers.

4. Start a travel stream

A related idea in a way is to start a full-fledged travel stream. This would be ideal if you’re looking at becoming a digital nomad, traveling full time, and working remotely.

Remember, it doesn’t (necessarily) have to be insta-worthy beautiful places every time. When traveling, people are looking for practical advice as well on how to reach a place, communicate common terms in the local language, or even get on a subway train.

???? Always be traveling. Live the dream, and show the dream! Get more people to start traveling.

What’s more? You can turn this content into formats for other mediums like YouTube videos, social media sharable content, etc.

5. Go to a new place together on Google street map view

With travel, possibilities are endless.

???? Doing research for your next trip? Do that research with your stream on Google maps. It’ll be an interesting way for you and your viewers to learn about a new place both visually and factually.

You can discover new places like the beautiful Calanques in Marseille together with your stream in the process.

6. Bake or cook something new and unique

You don’t have to be an expert chef to try this idea out. Even beginners or part-time cooks and part-time order-in people can try this out. In the process, you would end up making something new and interesting to eat.

???? Have a unique recipe that belongs to you? Share it with your stream! You can even try making variations of the same dish and make it a hero dish you feature on your channel.

Time to put on your apron!

7. Do a chore

Another idea that might sound dull on paper, but is actually great to get two things done at once. Do your chore and your stream!

People love to watch daily chore videos. It’s something they want to do too, but are often lazy (hey, I am a culprit too) and so they, love watching these videos.

???? Do your chore, but make it aesthetic with ASMR.

What’s more? At the end of it, you would have great content that you can post on YouTube and other channels as well. Win-win all around!

For inspiration, check out Hamimommy, a South Korean housewife with 1.17 M subscribers on YouTube. She does a great job combining good quality audio with aesthetic video settings, to record her day as she goes about her daily routine.

8. Do reaction videos

Reaction videos can get too much if they are the main content of your channel. But they can help fill in gaps between your main content or act as an interesting weekly feature on your channel.

With Watch Parties now enabled through Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, you can watch series or movies till the very end, and live react with chat.

Amazon Watch Parties
Amazon Watch Parties on Twitch. Source: Twitch

With any other online content though, you have to be careful with the copyrights laws. With copyrighted content, you have to use it in a way that constitutes fair use. This basically means you can only use a portion of the video to provide your commentary on it.

9. Do a tier list video

The tier list content format can work great in a category like Just Chatting. With a tier list, you would have a topic outlined for research, with follow-up links or a list to follow. This automatically gives your stream a structure that viewers can follow along.

???? While the S-A-B-C-D-E tier list template has been used a lot by streamers, you can give it a try with a different format.

Explore more Tier List ideas and more ways to make your own free tier list here.

You can also check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to define tiers.

10. Do a cosplay

Love dressing up as your favorite character from anime, video games or movies? Do a cosplay stream!

A cosplay stream can be a fun way to engage with your viewers, on a topic of mutual interest. It can even be a character from a game you’re playing on your stream currently, to promote your regular streams.

There’s even a separate cosplay category tag on Twitch that you can utilize to reach out to more viewers.

???? You can invite other streamers over and do a common cosplay stream. It would be fun to dress up as 2 different characters of a game and play it together.

Once you get comfortable with the concept, you can incorporate this idea in your regular streams as well. Use your Just Chatting streams to brainstorm new costume ideas, and teach others how they can do cosplay as well.

11. Do a quiz

Quizzing opens up your mind to new knowledge on various topics. This makes it totally worth it to explore this category and try your hands at it.

???? Create a setting like a bar quiz, quiz game show, etc. Explore branding your quiz show to make it stand out.

There is a niche of people who absolutely love quizzing, and will tune in every night you have a quiz session. Depending on the genre you choose, you can stay in touch with your regular stream games, explore new games, or even new topics for your channel.

12. Tutorial or how-to videos – learn and teach something new

Being a streamer, it is absolutely essential to keep learning and growing your skills constantly. A great way to include this activity in your weekly (or even bi-weekly) agenda, would be to include it in your streaming schedule.

Tutorial or how-to videos are a great form of content. They are highly engaging, and by the end of the video, the viewer has something to take away from the whole activity.

???? Catching up with your video editing? You can easily turn that into a stream with tutorials about what techniques you’re employing.

Some music streamers are already doing a great job with this idea. Like Leon Bratt does a format called Live Learn, where he learns and plays a new song live on stream, based on subscriber and viewer suggestions.

Live Learn Session on Twitch by Leon Bratt
Live Learn Session on Twitch by Leon Bratt. Source: Twitch

13. Discuss new books you’ve read

If you are into books, this can be a great idea to pick up. With book reading as an activity fading away with increasing digital chatter, it can potentially help revive a healthy habit in your viewers.

???? Structure your Just Chatting stream as a Book Club. Decide on a meet-up frequency to make it possible for everyone to participate.

Together with your viewers, you can put down a schedule and get through a book in a few weeks. Try hosting weekly discussions or readings. And at the end of it, you can even try scheduling an AMA with the author.

Check out how Reddit r/books does it. Only they connect via chat, you would do it via video.

14. Discuss new and cool developments in science and technology

The world around us is changing rapidly when it comes to science and tech. We are constantly updating ourselves in areas like healthcare, electric and self-driving cars, and even space travel. There is great content to be explored here and discussed what their future would look like.

???? You can discuss what cool new companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Blue Origin are up to. The work these companies are doing is a great indicator of what the future looks like for humanity.

You can also update yourself with theories that have already been explored and debated but remain open for discussion.

PewDiePie has been doing videos like this, including the one below on parallel universe. He basically did research on it beforehand and created a video. You could pick up a topic, and even do this research live with your viewers.

15. Discuss a social cause and rally supporters for the cause

If you’re passionate about a social cause, why not use your stream to educate others about it? You can use this to even rally more supporters for the cause in the process.

???? Have a weekly stream on a prevalent issue or challenge. Go through various aspects of the challenge and evaluate possible solutions.

This can be a great way to raise awareness about an issue, and take actual actions to reform them.

16. Talk about your life incidents (stories) and your learnings from them

We all love stories. With your life stories, you can connect even more deeply with your viewers. If you’re comfortable sharing your stories, they may even help one of your viewers in a similar life stage.

???? Discuss a major life event from your work, college, or school life and your takeaways from it.

Also, remember, planning in advance for a stream like this would help the conservation flow in a structured way.

A great way to keep yourself updated with the happenings on your favorite social media channel is to do it with your stream!

???? Do a themed Just Chatting stream like “This Week on Twitter <Topic>”. The topic can be crypto, NFT, art or any other area of your interest.

Make sure your viewers are also interested in the topic. A good way to find out would be to ask them on chat. You can conduct a poll and find a topic that the majority (including you) would be interested in.

18. Browse a subreddit

Reddit is called the front page of the internet, and rightly so. There are communities on almost every topic under the sun!

???? You can use a weekly stream to go through cool and lesser-known subreddits.


???? Keep yourself updated on your game by browsing through its subreddit.

For example, if you play GTA, you can do a weekly stream browsing posts on the GTA subreddit.

Cool ideas, right?

Before you leave, remember to —

Plan your Just Chatting Stream in Advance

Just Chatting may seem like a natural discussion that would just flow. But remember you will have to give it a structure, else, you may not be able to drive the flow well.

Some tips:

  • Think about your viewer and plan your flow well. Structure the conversation in a way everyone would be able to follow.
  • Go through different responses and situations, and plan for them. Like what if someone joins in between? Think about how you would engage everyone in the conversation and make them feel included.
  • If you’re new, try inviting a few friends over to your stream to become comfortable with the concept. Just Chatting with no viewers can be a bummer, to begin with. So don’t start at 0.
  • Promote your stream on other social media channels. Start conversations and take them to your stream for deep dives.

Time to Try These Just Chatting Stream Ideas

Hope you found these ideas useful. If you happen to use any of these ideas, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to drop into your stream!

You can discover even more streaming ideas in my list of 100 Fun Stream ideas. Be sure to check them out.

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