Twitch Gifted Sub Badges – Power up in a Stream (+ 9 FAQs Answered)

Want to show support for your favorite streamer(s) and get recognized by the channel community? Gifted subs are the way to go!

Gifting subs would help you win standing in the community and get highlighted at the top of the chat with gifted sub badges. Twitch has made sub gifting a rewarding experience by making it gamified and introducing Gifted Sub Badges, or Sub Gifter Badges.

In this article, we will cover common FAQs around Twitch gifted sub badges. Understand in-depth how this helps your favorite streamer and you.

Let’s dive right in.

1. What are gifted sub badges/sub gifter badges and how are they earned?

???? Gifted sub badges or sub gifter badges are badges that are earned by gifting subs on your favorite streamer’s channel. You can level up your Twitch gifter sub badges by simply giving away more subs.

Gifted subs are a great way to get noticed by your favorite streamer. It shows how much you support their channel. Every time you gift a sub, the streamer gets notified via alerts and may choose to acknowledge it.

The best part about gifted sub badges is that you can level up your game. This can be a sure-shot way of getting a streamer’s attention. It is a great way to let someone know how much you love their work. You are also able to share their work with others, so they appreciate it as viewers in a more meaningful way.

Explore gifted sub badges as a way to become a mod for the channel!

If you are a loyal viewer or an aspiring streamer and want to get involved with your favorite streamer and get noticed by the community, this is a great strategy to use.

You can show your support and loyalty to the streamer by gifting subs and can then ask for a role to play or get associated with the streamer. The streamer would recognize you and would be more inclined to give you a role.

2. How are the levels in gifted sub badges distinguished by color?

Your badges would stand out even more, with different colors, depending on the number of subs you gift for your favorite streamer(s).

Below are all the sub gifter badges that you can get by giving away gifted subs for your favorite streamer:

3. How are Twitch gifted sub badges displayed on the leaderboard?

Weekly Leaderboard for Gifted Sub Badges
Weekly Top Gifter Leaderboard

???? If the channel you’re watching has leaderboard enabled, you can appear on the leaderboard based on the number of gifted sub badges.

In the leaderboard, the top sub gifter gets a golden badge, the second gets silver and the third bronze. The streamers acknowledge your support, using the leaderboard.

Twitter Sub Badge Tweet
Source: Twitter

Only the streamer has the option to enable the leaderboard and choose between a weekly, monthly, or an all-time leaderboard.

Gifted Sub Badges Leaderboard-settings
Leaderboard Settings

4. I don’t want to show up on the leaderboard. How do I enable that?

Worried about your privacy and don’t want your name to be seen highlighted with the streamer?

???? You can opt-out of the leaderboard by turning on “Hide Progressive Gifter Badge and Gifts Given Count” in your Security and Privacy settings. This would remove you from all leaderboards across channels.

Hide Gifter Sub Badge from Leaderboard
Hide Gifter Sub Badge from Leaderboard

In case you don’t want to do that and only appear hidden from specific leaderboards, you can give gifted subs anonymously on the channel. You will not appear on the Top Gifters leaderboard then.

5. Why is my Twitch gifted sub badge not showing?

Your gifted sub badge only appears when you gift a sub. It stays visible as long as any one of your Gifted subs is active and has not expired.

???? The Twitch gifted sub badge disappears when there are no active gifted subs and all have expired

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress on the channel. As soon as you gift another sub, the gifted sub badge would reappear and you can resume your progress from where you left.

6. How do I remove the Twitch gifted sub badge?

Sometimes there can be a lot of badges against your name and you may want to show only the important ones out of the lot. Or simply, you may not like it.

???? You can remove the Twitch gifted sub badge by clicking on the Gear icon in the chat. Select “Edit Appearance” and change which badges appear.

You can choose what badge(s) to display by clicking the cogwheel at the bottom of a chat and selecting your name under “Chat Identity”. You can skip a badge, and showcase only the ones you want.

7. Do Twitch gifted sub badges expire?

???? Twitch gifted sub badges expire when there are no active gifted subs.

However, the progress is not lost and can be recovered when you proceed to gift again for the channel. The gifted sub badges would reappear with you becoming an active participant for gifting subs.

8. I received a gift subscription. Will that qualify me for a Founders Badge?

???? Even if you have a gifted sub to start with you can still qualify for Founders Badge.

The only conditions are that it should be one of the first:

  • 10 gifted subs for Affiliates, or
  • 25 gifted subs for (for Partners) Prime or paid subscriptions on the channel.

You also must choose to continue your gifted sub, with a recurring web subscription, while there are still badges left to earn.

If you do not choose to continue with your gifted sub as a paid sub or cancel your continuation, your Founder Badge will be given to the next user in the queue. Also, if you receive a gifted sub and continue that gifted sub with sub tokens, you will not be eligible to receive the Founders Badge.

9. How long does a gifted sub badge last on Twitch?

Suppose you gift 100 subs that run out, due to expiration or inactivity, your badge disappears. Unless:

  • The streamer is showcasing All-Time Leaderboard
  • You continue gifting subs every week, or every month

The odd part is, even if you gift 1 bit, you will continue to have that bit badge forever. To put that in perspective, 1 bit would cost you $0.01, and 1 gifted sub at least $4.99.

Remember, you retain the level of your sub badge although the ability to show it disappears when your gifted sub badges expire.


Gifted sub badges allow your support to the channel to get recognized not only by the streamer but from the chat as well. It’s a quick way to know how much you support the channel by anyone who also follows the channel.

Streaming is hard for people who are just starting out. Gifting subs is a great way to support upcoming streamers who are trying hard to make it big in Twitch. Know more about gifted subs here.